Race Events

Inspire. Engage. Support.

“A trophy carries dust. Memories last forever.” – Mary Lou Retton

InspireWander Project inspires small and medium sized endurance racing events from around the globe to strive to do more for the communities where their races are held.

EngageWander Project engages with racing events to build a community of athletes that don't just run, but run for a purpose.

SupportThrough the Wander Project's charity bib program, we are able to provide ongoing, all inclusive support for these events by managing their fundraising efforts.

Our Philosophy

We know that any time a large group gathers, that there is an impact within the host community. Some of this impact includes increased commerce since most of these gatherings bring people from all over the world. This means increased income for hotels, restaurants and even local stores. It also mean extra work for local employees during busy seasons. 

We also know that with an increase of visitation to communities, often there are negative impacts on the surrounding environment with increased use of trails and other systems that support outdoor pursuits.

Wander Project wants to help limit the negative impacts that come along with group athletic events such as endurance races. We seek to partner with small and medium sized endurance racing events, who have a sincere desire to be a positive force in the communities in which they operate, but who already feel short staffed and overwhelmed with the essentials of event production. 

By partnering with Wander Project, Race Directors can be certain that race events are a positive force in the communities they serve. 

Get To Know Our Race Partners

We're so grateful for the support of our race partners! They provide the platform for amazing things to happen around the globe. Check out our current partners:

Vacation Races

Virtual Running Club

Navajo Parks Race Series

Aravaipa Running- Cocodona 250

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