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Inspire. Engage. Support.

Equity is not everybody getting the same thing. Equity is everybody getting what they need in order to be successful.

InspireOur athletes inspire each other daily by encouraging others to go the distance, or break a personal record, or by donating to make a difference in the running community.

EngageOur community engages with a diverse group of runners to work towards limiting the barriers for any athlete to attend a race.

SupportWe believe that joining the fun and excitement of being at a race should be possible for everyone and our athletes support this by giving to the Sponsor An Athlete Fund. These funds will help cover the costs associated with registration and/or travel expenses for those who qualify.

Wander Project is excited to launch a new program that we hope will engage more people to experience the joy of racing! Our new Sponsor an Athlete Fund will make joining the fun and excitement of being at a race possible for everyone.

Race entry fees typically span $65-$200 depending on the event and then there are travel expenses for most races on top of that. We are encouraging athletes who register for a race to make a donation to this fund at checkout.  You can also choose to sponsor a complete registration fee or make a smaller donation that will go into the general fund below. Donations of all sizes help!

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Donation Total: $100.00

Thank you for your support in helping our athletes reach their goals and for helping ensure support for the special places in and around where we race!

Are you an athlete that has been (or is looking forward to) working towards reaching a new fitness goal and participating in a race, but have experienced financial hardship...

we want to help!

We know there are numerous barriers for each athlete to make it to the finish line at any event. We don't want the financial burden of a race to be one of them.

Athletes interested in applying for funds will be required to fill out the Athlete Funding Request. Through this process we will be able to gain a very thorough understanding of the current need and interest of the athlete including information on socioeconomic status as well as a description that will help us understand their complete picture of need.

Scholarships will be awarded monthly, so please plan accordingly to ensure you have enough time to register for your upcoming event.

Wander Project is seeking partnerships with organizations that are working to diversify the outdoors. If you are an organization that would like to engage your participants in a new experience, but have limited funds, please contact us!