About Us

Our Story

Wander Project was spun out of the Vacation Races Charity Bib program to expand on the mission of giving back to the host communities. Wander Project was created in 2018, and in 2020 we received our official nonprofit status as a 501(c)3 organization!

We now believe that we can do even more to empower individuals and organizations to support charitable causes that matter to them! 

We also know that not everyone considers themselves to be philanthropists. But, our goal is to help bridge this gap to show that we can all do something… and this collective “something” is truly what leads to BIG change!  

The collaboration between event organizations, nonprofit fundraising partners and individuals is the formula that guides us to add more purpose to our passions.

Our Vision

Wander Project inspires racing events around the globe to understand the impact they could have on local communities. In addition, Wander Project helps to facilitate opportunities for athletes to raise funds that support organizations that work to solve local issues.

Our Mission

Through events, we empower individuals and organizations to raise funds for charitable causes that matter to them.

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Inspire athletes to make their racing and endurance runs more meaningful through fundraising and service for causes that are close to their hearts.


Engage race events and charities to provide the opportunity for athletes to support the communities that inspire them to run, explore, and wander!


Support athletes by providing the best charity bib experience. We help with fundraising efforts and in sharing the stories that motivate us to run for a purpose.