Charity Bib Athletes

Ann Ludewig


Ann’s son has Major Depression and anxiety and ADHD.  He has been dealing with them since 3rd grade.  Can you imagine being a parent of a 3rd grader who comes to you and ask you, 'Mom when are you going to get me someone to talk to?  I do not feel like I belong on this planet."  

This was a scary time in her life. She never thought honestly that he would make it to 23. There were days she cried in her car because the school had called again and she did not know how to help him.

Now at 23 he is still dealing with his Major Depression and Anxieties Daily. He will tell you he is just used to being sad even when you think he is happy. Until you yourself experience something like this you won’t understand.  His anxieties keep him inside most days. So when you see him out it is a good day:). 

She has friends who have lost loved ones because of Mental Illness.  They are still dealing with the pain everyday from it.  This is why she choose to raise money for Bigger Than The Trail as she set out on this journey.

Jenny Soho & Team

Zion Ultras / half

Jenny’s daughter Lila underwent a major surgery with some unexpected post operative complications. Before this surgery Lila was an able bodied 20yr old, working and taking college courses to pursue her dream of becoming a preschool teacher.  

All of that changed when after her 9 hr surgery she was unable to move her arms and legs. She had to be intubated 3 times therefore was unable to communicate and was hospitalized for 4 1/2 months and confined to a wheelchair.  

Her journey has been a tale of unbridled courage and strength.  Lila is slowly gaining mobility and has therapy 4 days a week. Jenny believes that when life throws you challenges, you lean into them and you can ease your hardships by staying positive.

Jenny and the team raised $45,602.80 for Bridging Bionics who have been helping support Lila in this journey!

Bryan & Gabe

Grizzly Double

This last year Bryan climbed quite the mountain fighting stage 3 rectal cancer, stage 1 bladder cancer, and a benign brain tumor. Thanks to God's Grace, He’s happy to say he’s cancer free and ready to raise awareness and support for those still fighting!

By registering for a Charity Bib for this event, Bryan and Gabe are raising money for the This Time Tomorrow Foundation. The TTTF uses music and the arts to inspire hope. This Time Tomorrow Foundation provides direct financial support to individuals and families fighting all forms of cancer. 

They’ve chosen This Time Tomorrow Foundation because of the tremendous impact it's had on their life. After a diagnosis like Bryan’s, there is so much uncertainty and anxiety. Questions like: Will I be able to continue working? Support my family? What's my prognosis like? And so many more questions.  

When you are at your lowest of lows and someone surprises you with a Random Act of Kindness ($5000 check and a hug) you are instantly overwhelmed with love!

Eme Nwoko

Yosemite / half

As a psychology student, Eme came to the hard realization that access to therapy is a privilege. As a black woman, she’s questioned if society deems their existence as less beautiful, desirable, capable, and worthy. 

As a step towards racial, gender, and socioeconomic equity she fundraised for The Loveland foundation which provides financial assistance towards therapy for black women and girls. With the average price of therapy costing roughly $80 to $200, a $1400 donation will cover about 12 therapy sessions. Hopefully, these sessions will increase the likelihood that the participants will be able to afford therapy and be incentivized to return in the future. While therapy does not guarantee an easy fix, it's a remedy to promote a sense of unconditional love that has not been afforded to black women. By helping one woman access care, it heals the past, present, and future communities around her. Furthermore, it eliminates the financial stress for those seeking care.

While training for a half marathon has been one of the most fulfilling and empowering facets of her  life, her work would not be complete unless she used it to uplift someone else. 

Mike Greer

Cocodona (3rd Place Finisher)

Mike is a 2 time Cocodona Charity Bib athlete. After winning the Zion 100 in 2022 Mike was on cloud nine for one of his final training runs for Cocodona 2023 when a misstep on the trail ended with a broken pelvis. With the support of his family (wife and 5 kids) he was able to rehab this injury and show up in 2023 ready to podium…taking 3rd place this year!! Last year he raised money for Tan’s Treats. Raising money to fight hunger with youth in Utah. He brought awareness and funds to his community about the reality of hunger for many use in the United States.

This year he is running for Trails & Tribulation endurance hiking and running foundation. They work to raise funds for those who stand in significant need.

Jessica Turner


Jessica felt like she was an awkward kid who never fit in. There were pressures to be a part of a social group to feel some sort of belonging. But the pressure to fit in and not be a loner was immense. Seeking others’ approval sent her into a depression. Fast forward a few years when depression was real, she contemplated taking her own life several times. She thought things could never change and that no one would ever “get” her. She stewed in this depression for years. 

After college, she was in a job that was not meaningful to her. But she stayed in it because she didn’t think she could venture out. She joined CrossFit Flagstaff to get in shape. Every time she showed up, she was encouraged and supported to push herself because they believed in her. Her confidence began to grow, and she started to see herself as an individual with a purpose for the first time in her life. Because of this newfound confidence, she left the job that felt like shackles and started to take charge of where she was and where she wanted to go.

FYR Flagstaff takes this same community to underserved and at-promise youth. She's positive that if she had a community like CrossFit when she was that awkward kid, she could have avoided years of depression and self-doubt. FYR Flagstaff is inclusive of every body and everybody. FYR Flagstaff brings kids a community of support. This support and knowing that she was raising funds to support youth just like hers what got her across the finish line.  

Brandon Hozack


Brandon lives with a rare auto-immune disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS). Its primary objective is to slowly take away his ability to move by fusing his spine. It also causes incredible amounts of pain, which is hard to put into words. He was diagnosed 6 years ago and has been on an all-out full-scale mission to always stay one step ahead of this disease by seeing  just how far he can go. 
He does what he does for several reasons, but for now, he hopes to inspire as many people with or without AS to get out there and see what they can do. We are ALL capable of so much more than we realize. 
With the 2023 Cocodona 250, he went deeper into the AS cave than ever before. This along with his opportunity to raise funds for the Spondylitis Association of America, who work hard to raise AS awareness and help those suffering from this brutal disease, pushed Brandon to try. He is already looking to 2024 as another opportunity to get across the finish line!

2024 Why We Wander

"I wanted to support this foundation after a chance meeting on a ski lift with an incredible human who was left paralyzed after an accident. He was skiing with an assist explaining the costs, the freedom, the new life. Then a week ago my husband was in a freak accident and is now facing many surgeries and a long and painful recovery. Supporting Challenged Athletes Foundation is even more important to me as it now hits close to home. So I run for them. For the gentleman on the ski lift. And for my husband." 

kaitlin musser 

Bryce Canyon Ultras

"I love exploring the world and seeing its most beautiful sights. I want to fight to protect that so it can be appreciated and preserved."

connie marfoglio

Glacier Half Marathon

"Fit to Recover is a drug and alcohol recovery community in Salt Lake City, Utah that has helped me and many others overcome addiction and other hardships in life by lifting weights, running, and building a community of like-minded individuals."

Topher Haskell

Zion Ultras