Frequently Asked Questions

Charity Bibs

What is a Charity Bib?

A Charity Bib is a way for you to turn a fun event into a meaningful contribution for a cause you care about! In short, if you register as a Charity Bib, instead of regular registration - you're agreeing to raise a minimum amount for the charity of your choice. When you register you'll see there a no registration fees for charity bibs, BUT you're committed to raising funds instead. Then you start fundraising! We'll support you every step of the way with tools, resources, and templates. Come race day you get to celebrate not only crossing the finish line but supporting your favorite nonprofit with a financial gift.

Wander Project is a 501c3 and all donations are tax-deductible.

Minimums range between $500 and $5000 depending on the length and duration of the event.

How much do I need to raise?

The amount set at the required minimum depends on the event's distance. Minimums are as follows:

  • 5K Required Minimum: $500
  • Half Marathon Required Minimum:  $1000
  • Double (Half Marathon + 5K) Required Minimum: $1250
  • Double (2 Half Marathons) Required Minimum: $1500
  • Triple (2 Half Marathons + 5K) Required Minimum: $2000
  • Grand Circle Trailfest $3000

Please note relays, festivals, and multi-day events vary by event partner and range from $3,000-$5,000 as the minimum.         

What are the deadlines associated with fundraising?

  • 90 Days Prior to Event -Removal deadline- Fundraisers may have the option to be removed from the event as long as: it is more than 90 days before the event date; AND the charity bibs for the event are not sold out; AND they did not already transfer into this event.
  • 6 Weeks Prior to Event - Charity Bib participants are required to have 75% of their funds raised at this time. If they do not, the are required to schedule a call with Wander Project staff to review their fundraising plan.
  • 4 Weeks Prior to Event - If you are raising funds for "your choice" of charity you MUST have this form completed 30 days out. If we do not have this form completed we will not be able to disperse funds to your chosen charity.
  • 2 Weeks Prior to Event  - This is the deadline for fundraising for any event. We cannot guarantee funds received after this will be counted towards your minimum fundraising goal. Close any Facebook fundraisers. All matching donations and checks must be RECEIVED by this date.
  • 1 Week Prior to Event - Credit cards are charged for any difference between funds raised and minimum. Funds received after this time in any platform are not factored in towards your minimum fundraising balance.
  • Sold Out Events - If you are registered for an event that sells out you will not be able to cancel your charity bib regardless of how many days out unless we are able to fill your spot.

Can I pick any charity to raise funds for?

Wander Project's "Your Choice" charity options and requirements depend on the year your event takes places. Please see below.

You can choose from any of our Official Nonprofit Partners or a charity of your choice. Your Choice charities for 2024 can be U.S. based 501c3 OR international equivalant. All donations will be converted to USD.

When you register, you'll be asked to provide your chosen charities' name and contact information on this 2024 form. This form is due 4 weeks prior to your event. The Wander Project staff will evaluate the charity to ensure they are a legal nonprofit and in good standing. If, for some reason, they are not, you will be notified and able to select another charity.

For US-based charities - organizations must have 501c3 status.
International charity organizations will be required to provide comparable documentation to having 501c3 status in their country, with English translation, if applicable.

At the time of fund distribution,  any dispersal to international charities will be required to adhere to the U.S. Department of the Treasury OFAC Sanctions.  Wander Project is not able to distribute funds to countries with active sanctions related to financial transactions.

Questions about an international charity? Reach out to Zander

How much does my charity receive?

  • If you complete your bib minimum and
    • You are raising funds for one of Wander Project’s official Nonprofit Partners they will receive the following rate: National Partner 80%, Regional Partner 75%, Local Partner 70%.
    • You are raising funds for your choice of charity, after being verified your charity will receive 65% of the funds raised.
      • If you raise between $20,000 and $49,000 Wander Project will increase the dispersal rate to 75%.
      • If you raise over $50,000 Wander Project will increase the dispersal rate to 80%. 
    • If you do not complete your bib minimum (i.e. cancel, card doesn’t go through to pay the minimum, etc.) and
      • You are raising funds for an official Nonprofit Partner the funds will be dispersed as outlined above.
      • You are raising funds for a charity of your choice and have completed the charity verification form, funds over $100 will be dispersed at a rate of 65%. If you have raised less than $100 and/or have not completed the charity verification form, all donations will stay with Wander Project. As Wander Project is a 501c3 all donations regardless of dispersal are tax deductible.

What if I don't have social media? Is it still possible?

Yes! In fact our 2021 and 2023 Top Overall Fundraisers did not use social media! Social media is not required to successfully fundraise and we have tools to support you however you choose to raise funds and awareness for the causes that matter to you.


Do I have to wait for my charity to be approved to start fundraising?

You do not! Start fundraising as soon as you sign up! You'll complete a form about your charity when you get your welcome letter from Wander Project. Then Wander Project will reach out to your charity in the calendar year of the event to coordinate verification. If for some reason Wander Project cannot verify your selected charity. We'll let you know and you'll be able to pick another organization to send your funds.

Do you accept matching gifts?

We do! Most matching funds take 30-60 days to be received by Wander Project. You'll want to make sure the issuer includes your name on the documentation. This way we can match it to your fundraiser. All matches must be send to Wander Project. We are not able to verify donations sent directly to your selected charity.

Funds must be in your account two weeks before your event to count towards your minimum.

What resources are available to help me?

So many! From your welcome email and checklist to tutorial videos, monthly meet-ups, one-on-ones, templates, social media post, in-person event ideas, and more. We're here to help - whether you want someone to spell check your fundraising page or you'd like to talk about hosting an event for your friends and family, we're here to help! You also receive a complimentary membership to the Wanderer's Club - an online Basecamp for other current and past Charity Bibs to connect!


Can I do a Facebook Fundraiser?

Absolutely, BUT for it to count towards the minimum amount you must raise it must be set up using the format below.  

This is pretty important. If you create your Facebook Fundraiser through Facebook directly it will NOT be linked to your RunSignUp page and if it is not linked, your donations will not be accounted for in your minimum. Use this tutorial to create a Facebook Fundraiser that is linked to your RSU Fundraising page and therefore counts to your fundraising minimum! 

When does my charity receive the funds?

Wander Project's Distribution Periods are changing! Please see the guidelines below for the year your event takes place.


  • Funds are dispersed annually in the fourth quarter. Your charity will receive funds in the grant period after your event.
  • Rates vary based on the nonprofit partnership agreement on file and range from 65-80%.
  • If you have selected to fundraise for a charity of your choice must have the required documentation completed from your charity prior to grant dispersal. Please see the question "Can I Pick Any Charity To Raise Funds For?" above for further information.


What happens if I don't raise the minimum?

Choosing to register as a Charity Bib is a serious commitment. One week before your event, your credit card will be charge for the difference if you are below the minimum.

So if your event's minimum is $1000.00 and you have raised $900.00, your credit card will be charged $100. 

You may continue to receive donations on your RunSignUp fundraiser page until the day of the event. If your card was charged a difference for being under your required minimum at the deadline, you will not receive a refund for any donations received post-charge.


What happens if I don't complete a "Your Choice" Charity Designation Form?

If we have not received your form prior to your event or if Wander Project has received your form and repeatedly reached out to your charity but has not received a response or the correct documents by 30 days past the event, funds will stay with Wander Project.

If your charity does not meet the verification standards based on the documentation provided, Wander Project will let you know so that you may select another charity.

What happens to my funds if I have to cancel my Charity Bib?

If you are raising for one of our Official Nonprofit Partners your funds (however much you raised) will be distributed to the charity you selected based on the partnership rate agreed upon - typically 80%.

If you are raising for a charity of your choice there are two possibilities.
1) If you have raised over 75% of your minimum at the time of cancellation your funds will be distributed as per the agreement with your designated charity. If no partnership agreement is in place at the time of the distribution we will provide them with 65% of the raised funds.
2) If you have raised less than 75% of your minimum at the time of cancellation your funds will be donated in full to Wander Project.


What happens to the remaining funds?

The remaining percentage of funds received stays with Wander Project to further amplify the impact we have in the communities we engage with. These funds go directly back into improving the charity bib program and supporting local communities around our event partners. Wander Project is a 501c3 and therefore all donations are tax-deductible. 

I need to cancel/transfer/defer...

ANY requests to change your charity bib must go through Wander Project.
Self made changes in your RunSignUp portal or requests through the Event Partner will not update/change your charity bib status due to the associated fundraiser. Please contact Courtney at for any changes.
  • The last day to cancel a charity bib is 90 days before the event start date.
  • Events that are sold out are no longer eligible for cancelation unless your spot can be filled, regardless of how far out from the event.
  • If you are eligible for and decide to transfer your charity bib you may only do so once. If you have transferred in to a bib you are not able to cancel it.
  • Donations are nonrefundable.

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