2024 Ambassador Team

Josh Henrie

CAndace Gonzales

Malcolm Konik

STEPHanie Francis

Bill hurston

Rachel langholz

David Jackson

Let's do some good together

Interested in supporting a cause you’re passionate about through running? Looking to build and connect with your community? Our 2024 Wander Project Ambassador Team is finalized but stay tuned for 2025! Together we can change the world, one step and one run at a time. 

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Why Wander Project:

Wander Project knows that big, lasting, meaningful change happens one individual step at a time. We help individuals take that first step by giving them a platform to raise awareness for a cause they care about through running events. Our aim is to give as much as possible back to the communities and the wild places we adventure in to sustain them for future generations. And our ambassadors amplify that giving by allowing us to reach more communities and more individuals.

As an ambassador, you’re sharing your time and energy to provide direct support to initiatives that ripple outward to countless communities and causes annually. Every month, we see the difference: miles of trail preserved, food pantries restocked, emergency housing provided, cancer research conducted, kids running clubs started, and mental health counseling provided. The Wander Project community is changing the world, one run at a time. Join us for a run?


Each ambassador will be responsible for contributing to the following areas over the course of the year. Wander Project staff will work with each person individually and as a group to support each of these areas.

  1. Fundraise for a charity bib during 2024 for a 2024 or 2025 event.
  2. Tell us why you run in your choice of medium (video, written, etc.) that can be shared with the wider Wander Project community. A post or short blog introducing yourself and a cause you care about.
  3. Attend quarterly virtual WP Ambassador team meetings.
  4. Spread Awareness - We’ll ask you to select three ways to spread awareness throughout the year. Some ways you might spread awareness:
    • Social media (resharing WP’s posts, creating and tagging WP in your own content).
    • In-person (running clubs, organize a group run, present at a local shop or event).
    • Wearing WP Swag at races and letting other participants know how to get involved.
    • Sharing Wander Project’s mission and initiatives with your community.
    • Provide encouragement/support for prospective charity bibs.
    • Support booth at expo if attending a WP partner event.
    • This list is just to get you started, but we’re sure there are loads of other ways you could spread awareness.


You’re part of the team! Aside from amplifying support to the communities you care about you’ll get a few other things.

  • SWAG - Choose any merch item from the store to get you started. Plus you’ll be first to receive new swag and discounts on any additional merch you want.
  • You’ll get a stack of WP postcards and stickers to share
  • Race Discounts from some of our partners
  • Shape the future of Wander Project’s Charity Bib program and other initiatives
  • Have a voice in what events and charity partners we expand to
  • Early access to new events and partners