Your Membership Keeps Us Running

When you support Wander Project you provide direct support to initiatives that ripple outward to countless communities and causes annually. Every month, we see the difference: miles of trail preserved, food pantries restocked, emergency housing provided, cancer research conducted, kids running clubs started, mental health counseling provided, and much more. The Wander Project community is changing the world, one run at a time. Join us for a run?

Membership Levels

  • Spectator $0

  • start Line Member $50

  • Aid Station Member $200

  • Finish Line Member $500

Be the air horn that kicks off an exciting adventure! Big impacts come from each person getting involved. Join Wander Project in inspiring and supporting runners ready to turn their “miles run” into “donations raised”. At this level, you’re providing fundraising support to help one athlete raise funds for a cause close to their heart.

$50 Donation

As a Start Line Member, you will receive:

  • Early updates on new charity bib events and community partners
  • Discounts on domestic Vacation Races’ events.
  • A limited edition 2024 postcard and sticker.
  • One swag item from our store.
  • 15% off all store merchandise.