Meet Our People

They have chosen to help Wander Project change the world.

Executive Director

Zander Chase

Zander is a lifelong outdoors enthusiast who is passionate about solving issues surrounding climate change. He started off his career at Facebook Marketplace working to connect people buying and selling used goods and then shifted his focus to climate tech solutions, specifically sustainable food systems and vertical farming.

Zander's favorite way to connect with nature is through spending time in the mountains, and he is passionate about enabling others to experience and protect the beauty of our natural lands. He believes every individual has the power to make a difference and is eager to empower others through the mission of Wander Project.

Director of Community Engagement

Courtney Bierschbach

Courtney is an experienced storyteller, educator, and solution finder. With over a decade of cross-sector work with local and national environmental nonprofits, higher education, and startups – she thrives when collaborating. She’s passionate about increasing accessibility to recreation, human-centered business practices, and leveraging technology to build capacity in nonprofits.

Sometimes she lives in Northern Michigan and sometimes she lives in a retired-ambulance turned camper. 
Courtney is over the moon excited to join Wander Project and to serve athletes and nonprofits as they change the world!