December 4, 2023

One of the ways we celebrate the end of our season is highlighting some of our Top Fundraisers. We’ve run the numbers and the folks below raised the most at each of their respective Vacation Races events. Thanks to our generous partner and friends at Vacation Races we’re able to celebrate these folks with a complimentary entry to a 2024 Vacation Races domestic event of the same distance they participated in this year.

We also want to give a HUGE thank you to all of our charity bibs, because it was a record breaking year. We don’t have the final numbers yet, but we know that because of each charity bib who ran this year, we’ve had our largest year ever.

Finally, we want to give anĀ extra special round of applause to Jenny Soho for being our overall Top Fundraiser of 2023! Jenny individually raised a record breaking $42,325.00 for Bridging Bionics. And with her team, collectively raised $47,465.00.

The 2024 Top Fundraisers!

  • Saguaro Half Marathon, $1,635.00 Bailey McLagan
  • Zion Half Marathon, $7,750.00 Jared Davis
  • Antelope Canyon Ultras, $5,026.00 Andrew V Gillis
  • Zion Ultras, $42,325.00 Jenny Soho
  • Bryce Canyon Ultras, $2,598.00 Chris Morrison
  • Yosemite Half Marathon, $2,702.09 Nancy Mogy
  • Teton & Yellowstone Half Marathons & 5K, $11,595.00 Bryan Komas
  • Glacier Half Marathon, $1,650.00 Doug Mitchell
  • Mt. Rainier Half Marathon, $1,525.00 Molly Parrish
  • Rocky Mountain Half Marathon, $1,065.00 Marissa Leandro
  • Smoky Mountains Half Marathon, $3,958.00 Carly Stafford
  • Grand Circle Trailfest, $5,300.00 Kimberly Psaltis
  • Lake Powell Half Marathon, $5,594.00 Clayton Frank
  • Joshua Tree Half Marathon, $2,060.00 Sophia Krasny

Well done to all our charity bib participants!
Want to learn how you can get involved in 2024! Check out our Charity Bib program and event line-up!

About the author 

Courtney Bierschbach

Courtney is the Director of Community Engagement at Wander Project. Her role is to support you throughout your fundraising journey and get you across the fundraising finish line with the biggest check for your charity!

When she's not doing that, she's out wandering and exploring our great big planet or writing stories of the awesome humans she's met along the way.