June 13, 2024

Meet Anna, Sasquatch Double Charity Bib

Race: Vacation Races’ Mount Rainier Half Marathon & 5K
Running For: National Forest Foundation
Fundraiser: https://runsignup.com/Race/109883/Donate/dcmrQ2YpRYlqCBEH 

Folks run charity bibs for all sorts of reasons, but at the root of each one, is a deep connection. For Anna, choosing to run a Sasquatch Double charity bib (remember, that’s a 5K and a half marathon within 24 hours) for the National Forest Foundation was especially meaningful and close to her heart for numerous reasons. We asked her to share more about her story, keep reading below to see why she’s running and what advice she has for you.

Why the National Forest Foundation?

“I chose the National Forest Foundation because of all the memories I have made in national forests both as a child and now as an adult. One of my dad’s first internships was with the San Juan National Forest, which is where I live now, and one of my earliest memories as a child was of our vacation to the Dolores area to see where he spent that summer. The national forests cover more ground than the national parks, but I don’t feel they always get the recognition they deserve as the beautiful, wild, and essential places that they are. Many of our national forests have more free and low-cost options than the national parks, and if you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone and try new things, you can learn so much out there.

What drew you to turn your run into a fundraiser? And what has it been like to fundraise?

“I chose to raise funds just to see if I could leverage my community to help support something that means a lot to me. My fundraising journey has been weird honestly. I’ve never done anything like this before and I am not used to posting so much online or asking for money, but it has helped me open up to the people around me about why I love the national forests so much.

Advice for someone reading this and considering a charity bib?

“Go big or go home (to the forests)!”

To learn more about how you can go big (and to a wild place) with your next run, check out these upcoming events with charity bibs still available. Turn your passion in to purpose and we’ll see you out there wanderer!

All photos on this post provided by Anna Higgins.

About the author 

Courtney Bierschbach

Courtney is the Director of Community Engagement at Wander Project. Her role is to support you throughout your fundraising journey and get you across the fundraising finish line with the biggest check for your charity!

When she's not doing that, she's out wandering and exploring our great big planet or writing stories of the awesome humans she's met along the way.

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