May 28, 2024

Meet Paige Sullivan
Running for Growing the Grassroots
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At Vacation Races’ Teton Half and 5K, a returning charity bib, Paige Sullivan shares about running for Growing the Grassroots, an organization that supports initiatives in Sierra Leone.


“Growing the Grassroots focuses on rural empowerment. Specifically, we teach the women of the community how to farm using modern agriculture techniques. We educate them through hands-on practice in the field as well as theory concepts in a classroom setting. The reason we choose to work with the women is because they will pass down this knowledge to their children for generations to come. We are currently working with the local university to write a scientific paper on the methods. We are teaching our students.” 


Paige isn’t just a charity bib on a solo mission, she’s the Growing the Grassroot’s team captain alongside ten other members – Calvin, Scot, Kim, Bret, Sydney, Cindy, Christy, Eli, Hannah, Jonah, Carlye, Sophia, Jacob, Kyra, Kady, Brett & Calvin.

She shares, “We wanted to raise funds through this race because not only is it a great time for all of us who are so passionate about Growing the Grassroots to get together and raise money for something we believe in, but everyone at Wander Project is so amazing to work with, and we look forward to the breathtaking views!”


For the team, this race and the funds raised are for a pretty special Growing the Grassroots program. The funds raised will be used to begin the construction of a headquarters in Tikonko where Growing the Grassroots will be able to have educational supplies for locals to come and learn about agriculture. This will also serve as a classroom environment for future Farm Based Organizations to learn agriculture theory in addition to the hands-on teachings our staff provides. 

To learn more about about how charity bibs are making a difference in the world, one run at a time, check out the Wander Project 2023 Annual Report or keep an eye on our social media.

About the author 

Courtney Bierschbach

Courtney is the Director of Community Engagement at Wander Project. Her role is to support you throughout your fundraising journey and get you across the fundraising finish line with the biggest check for your charity!

When she's not doing that, she's out wandering and exploring our great big planet or writing stories of the awesome humans she's met along the way.

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