August 19, 2020

WOW! We have over 170 people signed up to help us with our upcoming service project in collaboration with Vacation Races and the Navajo Nation. We know you all are excited to learn more about what we are doing and the project itself. Below is some important information for those already signed up:

First off, we would like to thank you for signing up to help us with the Hogan Service Project out in Page, AZ and for your patience while we work with our friends at the Navajo Nation to solidify logistics.

While the whole weekend (8/27-29) is not totally planned out just yet, we do have some important information to share with you. 

Currently the plan is to work each day from 6:30 am- 1pm, with hopes to avoid the hottest part of each day. We are also planning on having cultural presentations in the evenings and a group run that will be dependent on the timing of the presentations. 

Below is the address of where we will meet each morning:

Horseshoe Bend Slot Canyon Tours

821 US HWY 89

Page, AZ 86040

We know that some of you are interested in knowing more about what to expect daily. We will continue to send email updates about what to expect once we know more. Typically these will be sent out once the volunteer shifts end. 

We will have a sign-in/out each day for participants to track their hours. In order to receive your free race entry you will need to volunteer for 1 full day (the maximum free entries one person can receive is one). One free race entry will be given to each person that volunteers as long as they meet the minimum time requirement.

We know that many of you have requested more information regarding any accommodations we are making for COVID 19. We will ask that anytime we are working indoors that you wear a mask. However, we will primarily be working outside and we are encouraging each participant to be aware of social distancing guidelines. Additionally, while we will be working on the Reservation, we will have very limited contact with individuals that are not volunteering with us. And, if anyone feels sick prior to attending the event, we ask that you sit this one out. Our goal is to have service projects throughout the year, so there will be other opportunities to give back! 

There are a few additional documents that all participants need. Please email Amy if you have not yet received the email that includes a packing list and volunteer waiver.

Finally, we are still accepting donations through the Wander Project website to help support those that are struggling with basic necessities like food and water on the Reservation due to the pandemic. If you have the ability to make a monetary donation, that would be greatly appreciated. We may also have a need for some donations of materials and will send a follow-up email with those materials as soon as we have it (we noticed that many of you have a background in construction and building).  

That is all we have for now! If you have questions prior to our next update, please feel free to reach out. 

We look forward to seeing and working with you all soon!


Amy and Lyle

About the author 

Amy Ben-Horin

Amy has worked in the nonprofit sector for the past 14 years. While her work has primarily been focused within the youth and education realm, she, like most people in the nonprofit sector, has worn almost every hat imaginable, including co-founder for an organization in 2014. Amy has also had the honor of presenting at TEDx Vail in 2016, sharing what she believes is the key to helping youth reach their full potential. Stepping into the role of Executive Director for another start-up organization, Amy is passionate about service to others and is extremely excited to help support the amazing mission of Wander Project.

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