June on the Run


July 1, 2024

June has been a month of incredible energy for our community. From beautiful races through scenic trails to inspiring fundraising stories, our athletes have showcased the true spirit of Wander Project. Keep reading below for a recap of this action-packed month and a few updates about the upcoming celebration of community as we close out the first half of 2024!

Yellowstone Half Marathon

Race Stats
Charity Bibs: 7
Charities Supported: 7
Amount Fundraised by Charity Bibs and Donated by Participants: $4,810.84

“I decided to run the Yellowstone Half partly as a family vacation, partly as a way to create new space for my understanding of what was possible for fundraising. On the first point, my family enjoyed the 5K Fun Run, and my daughter even placed for her age group! This really included the family in my pursuit and gave them a memorable experience (and some confidence!). On the second point, running in a brand new space that is so vast and storied helped me raise funds because so many people told me that Yellowstone was their favorite national park (and it was the first!). For me personally, I was humbled by the response which motivated me to run through anything that came my way on the trail.” – Meredith Davis, 24 Charity Bib at Yellowstone

Glacier Half Marathon
Charity Bibs: 7
Charities Supported: 6
Amount Fundraised by Charity Bibs and Donated by Participants: $9,251.38

First Half of the Year Distributions

While it is only the early days of July, our team is already hard at work preparing the final numbers for the first half of 2024. This month, is one of our favorite months of the year, we get to send out lots of checks – specifically to all the charities folks fundraised for in the first half of the year. Stay tuned for an inspiring announcement soon!

About the author 

Courtney Bierschbach

Courtney is the Director of Community Engagement at Wander Project. Her role is to support you throughout your fundraising journey and get you across the fundraising finish line with the biggest check for your charity!

When she's not doing that, she's out wandering and exploring our great big planet or writing stories of the awesome humans she's met along the way.

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