June 26, 2023

With back to back events almost every weekend in June, it sure was a busy one! Completing one race is a huge accomplishment but several of our charity bib athletes this month also went back-to-back running but the Teton and Yellowstone Half while raising funds for both! Congratulations charity bib participants! You all are amazing!

Vacation Races – Teton/Yellowstone

  • Total donations: $33,733.00
  • Total Charity Bibs: 14
  • Total Charities:  7

Vacation Races – Glacier

  • Total donations: $12,110.90
  • Total Charity Bibs: 7
  • Total Charities:  6

Monthly total donations – $45,843.90

2023 Totals To Date

  • Total Charity Bibs: 159
  • Total Fundraised & Donated:  $350,802.50
  • Total Charities supported: 127
  • *Donations include Charity Bibs and their donors and donations by non-charity bibs at registration.
  • Please note all number are preliminary as fundraisers stay open through races impacting reporting.
  • To learn more about Charity Bibs, check our FAQ page.

About the author 

Courtney Bierschbach

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