March 27, 2023

We tip-toed into February but we’re full steam ahead for March with four events from three separate partners. Check out the stats for March below.

Orca Running – Lake Sammamish

  • 1 Charity Bib* 
  • Total donations: $ 2896
  • Total Charity Bibs: 1
  • Total Charities:  2
  • *Transferred to Orca prior to race start

Navajo Yes – Monument Valley

  • Top fundraiser: Dan, raised $1461 for Rising Hearts!
  • 2 Charity Bibs
  • Total donations: $4,681.33
  • Total Charities: 2

Vacation Races – Zion Half

  • Top fundraiser: Jared, raised $7750 for TUFF!
  • Total donations: $43,808.00
  • Total Charity Bibs: 24
  • Total Charities: 23

Vacation Races – Antelope Canyon Ultras

  • Top Fundraiser: Andrew, raised $5026 for Bigger than the Trail
  • Total donations: $51,140.39
  • Total Charity Bibs: 27
  • Total Charities: 17

March Totals

  • Total Charity Bibs: 54
  • Total Fundraised & Donated:  $102,525.72
  • Total Charities supported: 44
  • *Donations include Charity Bibs and their donors and donations by non-charity bibs at registration.

What a March! April events are just around the corner and then things really pick up! Can’t wait to see what happens. To learn more about Charity Bibs, check our FAQ page.

About the author 

Courtney Bierschbach

Courtney is the Director of Community Engagement at Wander Project. Her role is to support you throughout your fundraising journey and get you across the fundraising finish line with the biggest check for your charity!

When she's not doing that, she's out wandering and exploring our great big planet or writing stories of the awesome humans she's met along the way.

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