July 29, 2020

Dear Virtual Running Club, Vacation Races and Virtual Athletes,

Wander Project is honored to receive funds from the Stay Home and Backyard Ultra virtual races this year. The gift of $86,041.16 received on July 21, 2020 will help ensure that we can continue to empower athletes to do more for the local communities that inspire them to run!

Through the generosity of the Virtual Running Club and Vacation Races athletes, we have been able to grant out over $165,000 to a variety of community partners in 2020. Out of that, over $53,000 was raised through community fundraisers during the virtual races. Below is a quick glimpse of the community beneficiaries we were able to support since the pandemic:

  • 18 Food Banks/Health Care Providers
  • 6 Small Business/Restaurants 
  • 5 Organizations that Provide Supports for Vulnerable Populations
  • 4 Agencies Providing Direct Support/Emergency Care for Frontline Workers
  • 2 OrganizationsSupporting Children and Families Facing Critical Illness
  • 2 Organizations Preserving/Conserverving of Public Lands
  • 2 Organizations Working to Protect Human Rights (including research around injustice and supporting the LGBTQIA+)
  • 1 Research Lab focused on COVID-19
  • 1 Horse Rescue
  • 1 Domestic Violence Shelter
  • 1 Organization Focused on Youth Literacy

We are continually inspired by the athletes, the stories for why they are choosing to raise funds, and the work they put into engaging their friends and family in their efforts. We could not be more grateful to be a part of such a caring community. 

Wander Project, our staff and our board of directors are looking forward to supporting athletes in future events and sharing in the joy that comes with being able to support communities. We know that together we can accomplish more!

For more information about Wander Project, how to become involved or to learn more about our community partners, please visit our website at: wanderproject.org 

Thank you again to everyone who supported Wander Project through the virtual races!

With Gratitude,

Amy Ben-Horin

Executive Director

About the author 

Amy Ben-Horin

Amy has worked in the nonprofit sector for the past 14 years. While her work has primarily been focused within the youth and education realm, she, like most people in the nonprofit sector, has worn almost every hat imaginable, including co-founder for an organization in 2014. Amy has also had the honor of presenting at TEDx Vail in 2016, sharing what she believes is the key to helping youth reach their full potential. Stepping into the role of Executive Director for another start-up organization, Amy is passionate about service to others and is extremely excited to help support the amazing mission of Wander Project.

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