June 4, 2023

Audacity to Hope Day, today, June 4th, is a special day for us at Wander Project. This day celebrates the human spirit that encourages us all to overcome obstacles and share those things that inspire us to do more. This day highlights what is at the heart of Wander Project…the belief that we can all do SOMETHING to make the world a better, more happy place for every single person.

On this day, we celebrate the resilient human spirit that conquers all obstacles with hope and perseverance. It is also a day to celebrate movements and important landmarks in human history that have made the world a better place for us all. This is also a great day to celebrate personal victories that you have achieved after overcoming challenging obstacles. A celebration of optimism and hope, Audacity To Hope Day anticipates a happy future for every single person!

A few events that highlight our Audacity to Hope include the VR Yosemite Half raising over $73,000 for 36 different nonprofits! We’ve also wrapped up our longest race with 2 of our charity bib athletes completing the Cocodona 250. This rase is intense and all of our athletes inspired us on this one whether they crossed the finish line or not, we’re excited to share their personal victories together!

We’re also coming up on our one-year anniversary for Wanderer’s Club. Wanderer’s Club is a whole club dedicated to supporting each other in accomplishing more together while celebrating the obstacles we’ve had to overcome and that have gotten us to where we are today.

So, as we gear up for June, let’s continue to find ways to turn our passions into purpose and inspire changing the world!

How it works: 

Over the next month (starting today on June 4th) we want you to do SOMETHING that inspires you while helping to change the world. Your time, talents and/ or funds will all go towards a FREE Wanderer’s Club membership (which includes some sweet SWAG). 

You can:

  • Give your time! Volunteer with a cause that matters to you. Track your hours and when they add up to $75 or $250 submit them for your membership and swag.
  • Give your talent! We all know nonprofit organizations need as much help as possible. If you have a specific skill (think accounting, marketing, legal, etc.), reach out to an organization and offer them your talent.  Track your hours and when they add up to $75 or $250 submit them for your membership and swag.
  • Give your money! You don’t have to just donate to Wander Project for this one (but it is always appreciated). Choose an organization that you would like to make a gift to, send us your donation receipt (donations need to be either $75 or $250 for membership) and we’ll get you hooked up with your membership and swag!

Then just submit your time, talent and/or donation receipts with a picture and a quick blurb that we can use to highlight all the good we can do when we all do something to courtney@wanderproject.org

About the author 

Courtney Bierschbach

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